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SIMONA® polyethylene cover sheets are produced with an anti-slip layer that provides higher personal protection during and after the construction stage. The sheets, which are manufactured by means of the co-extrusion method, consist of two layers that are integrally connected to one another: a black PE-HD core sheet with homogeneous coloured outer layers. The upper layer is provided with an anti-slip coating to reduce the risk of slipping for persons working in the cable area and thus avoid accidents.

The cover sheets are also provided with cut holes in a diameter of 20 mm to 30 mm so that soil moisture is drained into the ground.

Connection system

Complementing the sheets, there is a plastic connection system specially developed by SIMONA. Using these polypropylene rivets, two sheets can be connected to one another within approx. 20 seconds. Owing to optimisation of geometry and mechanical properties, the injection-moulded rivets have a very high level of tensile strength at break and the sheets remain firmly connected to one another even if they are subjected to high impact forces.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Service life of 100 years
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Increased protection and greater safety due to very high resistance to mechanical loads
  • Quick and easy to lay
  • Access to cables below even after laying
  • Reusability of sheets
  • 100% material recyclability

Product range

Format (mm)
SIMONA® PE-AR sheet with cut holes
3,000 x 500 x 15
3,000 x 500 x 10
Diameter (mm)
PP rivet
20, 30
PP bolt