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How can you obtain a university qualification while also gaining practical skills in the workplace?

SIMONA's dual work/study programme allows you do just that. The company will teach you the technical or commercial skills you need for your chosen career and prepare you to take on greater responsibility. At the same time, your university course will give you an insight into all the relevant subject areas. You can then apply that theoretical knowledge directly in your day-to-day work.

Our dual work/study programme can be linked to the following courses:

  • International Business Administration (IBA) – Bachelor of Science
  • Kunststofftechnik (KT - Plastics Engineering) – Bachelor of Engineering

Our partner for the IBA course is Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences. The Plastics Engineering course can be taken at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. More details of the programme and the courses can be found on the universities' respective websites:

Sandra Stilz

Marketing Adviser and SIMONA Academy

"I got to know SIMONA a little bit when I had a holiday job there in 2007. A year later I applied for the BIP (Business International Programme), which SIMONA offers together with Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences. The combination of theory and practice in the IBA (International Business Administration) course, as well as my four-month international assignment at SIMONA Ibérica in Spain, prepared me really well for a career with a global company. For me, starting a full-time post with SIMONA was particularly exciting because I had a chance to spend a further eight months with SIMONA's subsidiary in Spain straight after finishing my Bachelor's degree. In Spain, I was responsible for sales admin covering Latin America and Portugal, so I was able to improve my language skills enormously as well as gaining more experience in customer service. 

Back in Germany I found all sorts of new opportunities within the company. At the moment I'm working in the Marketing department as part of a team responsible for organising trade fairs and events. I also organise training for customers at the SIMONA Academy. That means I'm always in contact with customers and partners in other countries. 

What's more, so that I keep developing new intercultural skills and gain experience in project, team and conflict management, I'm now part of SIMONA's second Talent Promotion Circle."